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If you know a good attorney please forward this page -- I have 3 important cases to me and only 5000 USD for lawyer services and SEE Injustice In Justice PDF Below:

1st case see embeded article below involves freedom of speech in court and internet use(const right to assemble in peace) in government facilities like state hospitals jails prisons etc. Also involves double flat time and slavery as probation CA PENAL CODE 181 (short blurb on appeal for mental incompetency and loss of websites for inability to pay bills or use phone) No minimum wage or job to access to pay for attorneys. Also phone monopoly prevents calls to automated numbers. (person called must press 1 to accept). So pretrial detainees are denied access to 411 (555-1212) AND cannot leave messages on attorney answering machines excetera. And false representation of people by District attorney the crime of concealment of documentary evidence (committed by judge that struck evidence from the record and refused my 10k hospital bill as evidence)

2nd case involves suit against USPTO for CA PENAL CODE 135 CONCEALMENT OF DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE preventing openInvent trademark class 35 (deemed abandoned) but I want to make a public notice stating that my trademark is not abandoned and TEAS web system not allowing me to submit specimens of first use. Also my trademark for bitsfit class 35 has been deleted from record only the class 42 shows. This also involves LegalSherpa and LegalZoom for false advertising. As they told me they don't provide legal services. Also involves the hacking a registery of a domain prior to pdf release to public domain. whois for more info. I dont think hyphens were registratable when that domain was registered.

3rd case I need to sue for Domain Buy and Backorder of this domain has changed ownership 2 times since purchase of service and was listed on expired domains website. is utilizing my trademark and the TM symbol without permission claiming my trademark. may be a false entry in UCANN because it predates the un hyphenated TLD. This case involves my domains hosting being shut down a URL shortener was shut down and and freehosting are preventing me from getting my proprietary php scripts and mysql database to migrate to another webhost.

Injustice in Justice the 5000usd Lawsuit Lawyer Wanted by Ember Leona on Scribd


Injustice in Justice the 50... by on Scribd

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See #injusticeinjustice one person was denied the return of his legal papers for not citing how this is remedy. I wonder if the appelate court returned his opening brief after filing.

— Ember Leona (@Punkroku) January 22, 2019

#InjusticeInJustice Another punishment of mandatory probation aka Slavery CA PC181 is denial of writ of error in this case which proves that they word custody is used to define modern slaver-holder relations. @theCCR #Law @pirarobizarro @attorneygeneral

— Ember Leona (@Punkroku) January 1, 2019

A reboot of an old idea anybody want to buy a T shirt? Or Put in on a Lot?#nerdjokes #otaku #nerdjoke #nerdjo I see them as low as 10 dollars on ebay maybe I can get a multiple sales thing going for promo of that guys store. #FamilyGuy #quagmire

— Ember Leona (@Punkroku) January 22, 2019